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At Iris Graphic Studio we provide full life cycle of software development services right from the scratch to awesome looking and working application. From requirement gathering, analysis & design to implementation and testing, we render you all the supports. We also develop I-OS, Android OS and Hybrid Application for our Clients. Converting your business with innovative, effective and quality work is the most important focus of Iris Graphic Studio from a normal debugging to a brand new application, we give you all our assistance.

At Iris Graphic Studio we provide the best Application development work as well as window application work. Our development range is from the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based applications. We have a well-trained and well qualified team of the highest technical and analytical person to support our clients with the help of latest technologies and tools. We believe in transforming customer’s dream into reality using our full strength and commitment.

We try to make your applications or any web related work above your imagination. We do not want to give you only websites or any application but we want to show you your imagination. So to full-fill your standards we work with our whole capacity and heart. We have a team who is capable to create the most complex designs and also to deal with all of its constraints. We like to achieve our goal with full satisfaction of our client so that we can build a prosper relationship for our future.

Website Development

At Iris Graphic Studio, One thing knowing you need a website, but another matter trying to find the time to decide what it should look like and what it should contain. We can take most of the strain from you in that department and help to point you in the right direction. Here we have a team of highly qualified people who is capable to design your websites with the help of latest technologies like Word-Press, ASP.Net, PHP, JAVA, Joomla and RubynRails. With these technologies we can make some changes into your normal looking applications. So that in market your users can feel it. We also provide latest CMS websites which is content based websites. CMS is known for content management system which allows you complete access on your websites. With the help of CMS anyone can easily publish, edit, organize, delete and modify their applications. In simple words you can not only see your websites but also can easily maintain it from a central interface. CMSs can be used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching and publishing documents. So if you want to start any internet marketing business and you want to launch a website for this purpose then we can surely help you to create this kind of website. With the websites we will also provide you a simple user manual with that anyone with very little knowledge of websites can also make changes in their websites like editing, deleting and any kind of modification according to your use and need. We are unbiased in our recommendations and constantly endeavour to guide our clients down the right path.

We provide perfect or accurate designs such as

  • Static Website Design
  • Dynamic website design
  • Flash Web Design
  • Template based Website
  • Website Redesigning
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Customized Website Design

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